New 2010 ADA Design Standards

ada compliance


We are here for you!

From the beginning, Companion Systems has made sure our ATM branding products are ADA compliant. Nothing has changed with the new 2010 ADA Design Standards. Companion Systems will continue to recommend the best ATM signage product for each site.


Our Staff:

  • Field Service is available to provide a site analysis for one or all of your ATM sites.
  • Expert engineers are available to prepare site prep drawings to determine the correct ADA requirements for each site.
  • Our sales representatives are available to provide technical assistance in determining which of our ATM signage environment(s) will work best for your situation.

To ensure ATMs are either already compliant or if they require upgrades, the following must be considered:
Height and Reach: The top operating point of the ATM machine needs to be within reach ranges that include a height not exceeding 48 inches and no lower than 15 inches.
Accessibility: A depth of more than 10 inches from the top operating point of an ATM would call for the ATM to be installed at a 46 inch height.
Floor Space: The space around a walk-up ATM needs to have a clear floor or ground space of 30 inches out from the ATM and 48 inches wide.

Companion Systems recommends that you consult with your legal counsel on ADA compliance standards.