ATM Graphic Wraps

ATM Graphic Wraps are an attractive and economical way to brand your ATMs.

Attractive Branding
* Bold, colorful graphics will attract attention
* Get the exact look you want with multiple colors and striking design elements
* Replace the graphics as frequently as you like to keep the look of your ATMs 'fresh'

Versatile Medium
* Graphics can be applied in any way you like - full wraps or just portions of the unit
* Vinyl graphic wraps can be applied on any ATM

Economical Solution
* Only a fraction of the cost of a full enclosure
* No additional space needed
* Won't increase the footprint size of the ATM

Design Services Available
* Incorporate your branding elements in the design
* We'll work with you to design the right look for you


Contact us to see how graphic wraps can create the impact you want for a fraction of the cost.


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