ATM Kiosks

Companion Systems kiosks are the most functional, and best built ATM branding products available. To find out more about the latest kiosk family, contact your Companion Systems Regional Sales Manager.

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Envelope Dispenser

Waste Receptacle


Front Sign

Network Display Area

Secure Storage

ATM Walk Up
Kiosk #3864

ATM Kiosk 3864

76"W x 106"H x 72.5"D
3864 atm kiosk
ATM Walk Up
Kiosk #3865

ATM Kiosk 3865

70"W x 98"H x 79"D
ATM Drive Up
Kiosk #3866

ATM Kiosk 3866

63"W x 98"H x 48"D
ATM Drive Up
Kiosk #3867

ATM Kiosk 3867

70"W x 111"H x 79"D
ATM Kiosk 3867
ATM Kiosk #5569

ATM Kiosk 5569

64.5"W x 94.75"H x 62"D
ATM Kiosk #5570

ATM Kiosk 5570

64.5"W x 109"H x 62"D
ATM Kiosk #5570-double

5570 double

125"W x109"H x 62"D
ATM Kiosk #5570-box


64.5"W x114.75"H x 62"D
ATM Kiosk #5570-tower

5570 tower

64.5"W x 175"H x 62"D
ATM Kiosk #5550

ATM Kiosk 5550

6'11"W x 9'0"H x 4'1"D
ATM Kiosk #5551

ATM Kiosk 5551

7'1"W x 10'5"H x 7'6"D
ATM Kiosk #5556

ATM Kiosk 5556

8'8"W x 9'0"H x 3'10"D
ATM Kiosk #5557

ATM Kiosk 5557

9'6"W x 10'10"H x 7'9"D
ATM Bollard #7090
Super Bollard
ATM Bollard 7090

6"W x 108"H x 51"D

Clearance Bar #7098
Pivoting Clearance Bar
ATM Pivoting Clearance Bar
85"W x 102"H x 14"D

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