ATM Enclosure: Model #5812

ATM Enclosure 5812

Our newest ATM enclosure provides a cost-effective solution for branding your ATMs.

Features and Benefits

> Backlit front sign increases recognition that delivers an impact to your brand.

> Optional backlit side signs and decal on back panel for increased brand recognition.

> Standard four-plex power outlet inside storage area for communication/alarm equipment.

> Secure storage area is easily accessible.
> Ventilation fan provides proper air circulation.

> Offers areas for network affiliation displays.

> Millwork side panels with silver metal accents. Side panels can be painted or graphic wrap applied. Extrusion and accent pieces can be painted for an additional cost.

Additional Options
> Network affiliation grids
> LED strip lighting along front side rails adds to ATM brand. Light colors include: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white and warm white.
> Graphic wrap, backlit side signs and decals for back panel
> Camera window

23"W x 85"H x 24"D

ATM Compatibility
P77 Stretch, 6622

To view a full ATM Compatibility Chart, visit the
ATM Compatibility Page
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