ATM Surround: Model #9291

9291 ATM Surround

The 9291 is a simple and attractive walk-up ATM surround that provides a large signage area to promote your brand.

Features and Benefits

> Energy efficient LED backlit front sign increases recognition and gives you 84% energy savings.

> Task lighting provides increased visibility for your ATM customers.

> Fiberglass composite body will not rust or corrode and contributes to the ease of handling, site preparation, and installation.

Additional Options
> Network affiliation grids
> 9296 POS Module
> Halo lighting kit
> Graphics panels for marketing messages

43.5"W x 75"H x 4"D

ATM Compatibility
Opteva 500, 512, 522, 562, 760, 1071ix, 1072ix
5870, 5874, 5884, 5885, 5886, 5887, 6625, 6626, 6634
ProCash 2050xe, 2150xe, 8050, 8150 Cineo 2550, 2560
Nautilus Hyosung
Monimax 5100T, 7000T, 7100T, 7600T, 2100T
MBS5000W, Mini-Bank 2100T
RT2000, FT5000

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