ATM Topper: Model #2250

ATM Top Signage 2250

This versatile ATM top signage can be used in multiple locations to brand your ATMs.

Features and Benefits
> Three variable body depths: deep 23", medium 19", and shallow 14.5". Body depths depends on the ATM, please refer Compatibility Chart for proper fit.
> Backlit front sign in the ATM top signage increases recognition and visibility that delivers an impact to your brand.
> Secure storage area is easily accessible in the ATM top signage.
> Side vents in the ATM top signage allow for air circulation for your ATM.

> Offers areas for network affiliation displays.

Additional Options
> Network affiliation grids

18.5"W x 19"H x 23", 19", or 14.5" D

ATM Compatibility
Opteva 520
1063ix, 1064i, 1064ix
5670, 5870 (shallow only), 5877 (medium/shallow only), 6622, EP62 (shallow only)
Nautilus Hyosung
Monimax 5100 (shallow only), 5600

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To view a full ATM Top Signage Compatibility Chart, visit the ATM Compatibility Page in the Resources section.