ATM Environment Customization

It's all about building your brand

Every ATM surround product you order from Companion Systems is built exactly to your specifications. We know that your image is important to you - and that makes it important to us.

We have a myriad of standard ATM surround and kiosk products for you to choose from to enhance your brand. And no matter which product you choose, it will be custom built to make you look your best. So feel free to think big. You don't need to settle for just a simple one color ATM surround. Add more colors. Add marketing panels. Add a graphic wrap. In short, use it to get attention.

Create your unique product line

If you're seeking a new look that will make you stand out even more, or need ATM surround solutions that incorporate a unique element of your brand, then you have come to the right place. We have created hundreds of unique products and product lines for clients just like you.

Our experienced teams of designers, engineers, and project managers are ready to work with you in developing your custom line of ATM surrounds, enclosures, toppers, kiosks, or canopies. To speak with someone about your custom products, contact one of our Sales Managers or Customer Service Representatives.