Height and reach, accessible approach, Braille and tactile features and audio

assistance.  CAMS experts assess critical ADA

requirements at each ATM location with detailed surveys.

round clipping mask ATM photos
question screen with phone audio jack question

ADA compliant stock and custom Braille decals are available, and can be

replaced on-site during regular service visits as part of your compliance


braille decals

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I'd like to compliment Companion Systems not only on the professional job they did, but also the high level of customer service they provided. It's a pleasure doing business with a company that understands the needs of their customer's and exceeds their expectations!”

Joseph Pearson, Capital One

I really appreciate you staying on the original schedule. There were many reasons you ended up on the short list and this is one of them.”

Carla Hock, Peoples Bank

We've gotten very positive comments on the new ATM surrounds - thanks to all of you at Companion. They've actually exceeded our expectations and I too have enjoyed working with you on this project.”

Nathan Kawando, First Tech FCU