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November 1, 2020

NCR PUBLISHES PHYSICAL ATM SECURITY THREATS IN THE U.S. AND HOW TO PREVENT THEM Highlighting Companion Systems ATM Security Gate. View the entire white paper below.


October 1, 2020

With physical ATM attacks rising, Companion introduces an innovative and effective solution to deter and prevent ATM theft.

North Salt Lake, Utah, September 25, 2020 – ATM attacks continue to steadily climb year over year, with a 60% increase in attacks from 2018-2019 alone. Thieves use vehicles and explosives to safe break standalone ATMs that house large sums of cash that average $57,000 per robbery. ATMs are often located in remote, less populated areas, leaving them vulnerable to costly damage in what are perceived as “easy hit” attacks.

Companion Systems has risen to meet this threat. For financial institutions seeking to increase additional ATM security measures, Companion Systems’ new “SuperMAXX” ATM Security Gate helps deter criminals from potential attacks, thereby mitigating risk and protecting both the institution’s physical and financial assets.

The “SuperMAXX” ATM Security Gate has been specifically designed and engineered based upon direct feedback from customers to integrate innovative, non-intuitive protection measures to mitigate and dissuade potential attacks.

Exhaustive research went into identifying points of vulnerability based upon specific field attacks in the market. This research resulted in a well-planned multi-layer locking mechanism system and robust physical design that offers effectiveness as a primary visual deterrent. Additional non-visible security enhancements were also included as well as an industry first integrated alarm sensor kit which can notify local authorities of an unauthorized entry or potential attack through the institution’s alarm provider.

Conducted independently, Companion Systems SuperMAXX ATM Security Gate has also undergone rigorous penetration testing, able to withstand a Kenworth Semi Tow Truck pull force up to 35,000 pounds. Additionally, specifically engineered internal barriers increase Sawzall cutting and blow torch attack times by 4x and 2x respectively. Coupled with top and bottom shrouds concealing the locking mechanism, SuperMAXX also protects against side chain attacks. SuperMAXX and has proven to be the strongest most robust gate solution in the industry.

“Our unique design and construction provide not only superior strength and toughness, but also the most breach resistant security enhancements on the market”, said Companion Systems VP of Sales, Clint Romero. “As a trusted partner in the industry, protecting our customer’s property and their assets are paramount. Companion Systems is proud to offer our SuperMAXX ATM Security Gate solution to the market and look forward to putting an end to these brazen attacks”.