logo-markFor four decades, Companion has created industry-leading ATM surrounds, kiosks, enclosures, toppers and other ATM-signage products.

Custom ATM Surrounds


We appreciate our business relationships with our customers and are committed to providing the highest quality ATM signage products to help you further enhance your financial institution's brand.

Engage Your ATM Customers

Companion ATM Night Shot
Shine a light on your ATM investments with engaging and unique surround designs. Companion is your trusted partner in driving business and brand awareness.

I really appreciate you staying on the original schedule. There were many reasons you ended up on the short list and this is one of them.”

Carla Hock, Peoples Bank

We've gotten very positive comments on the new ATM surrounds - thanks to all of you at Companion. They've actually exceeded our expectations and I too have enjoyed working with you on this project.”

Nathan Kawando, First Tech FCU