ATM Signage Products

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Companion is your source for a ATM enclosures, with custom capabilities to help drive traffic and brand awareness.

Your one-stop shop, we specialize in walk-up and drive-up surrounds, enclosures, toppers, kiosks, islands, canopies and graphic wraps.


Companion surrounds are the best built ATM branding products available offering innovative design and ATM functionality. To find out more about the latest surround designs, contact your Companion Regional Sales Manager.


Companion has an ATM Topper or Enclosure to complement your brand and ATM functionality. Contact us to learn more about our ATM topper and enclosure designs to meet your specific needs.


Companion innovative island identifier designs will make any drive up lane standout in the crowd. To find out more about our island identifier ATM branding products, contact your Companion Regional Sales Manager.


Companion ATM kiosks are the most functional, and best built ATM branding products available. To find out more about the latest kiosk family, contact your Companion Regional Sales Manager.


Companion's ATM Lobby Tellers are both attractive and functional.  We build ATM cladding to match your branch design.  To find out more on how we can can brand your ATM lobby tellers, contact your Companion Regional Sales Manager.


From our patented Straight-Line Suspension (SLS) system and pre-treated and powder coated structural steel frame to our non-corrosive, fiberglass body and molded-in colors and textures, our ATM kiosks are simply the finest designed and built ATM kiosks in the industry.

Companion Kiosk ATM

Highest quality, most attractive, longest lasting ATM surrounds in the industry.

Attractive Branding 

* Bold, colorful graphics will attract attention
* Get the exact look you want with multiple colors and striking design elements
* Replace the graphics as frequently as you like to keep the look of your ATMs 'fresh'

Versatile Medium 
* Graphics can be applied in any way you like - full wraps or just portions of the unit
* Vinyl graphic wraps can be applied on any ATM

Economical Solution 
* Only a fraction of the cost of a full enclosure
* No additional space needed
* Won't increase the footprint size of the ATM

Design Services Available 
* Incorporate your branding elements in the design
* We'll work with you to design the right look for you


Contact us to see how graphic wraps can create the impact you want for a fraction of the cost.